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Your client has just called demanding a loan or that you settle their case, at any price! Worst case scenario, they imply if you can’t help them, they’ll find someone who can. Because you are NOT permitted to advance them any money, you suggest they investigate the possibility of pre-settlement litigation funding. Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of funding companies.

By utilizing the services of Lawsuit Funding Group, you eliminate the possibility of recommending the WRONG funding company. We consistently have the most competitive funding terms. In fact, we will beat any legitimate funding offer from another funding company provided it meets our underwriting criteria.

We will work with you and your client to make sure that the process is handled with complete professionalism and confidentiality.

Requests for case updates are kept to a minimum and can be handled online in 60 seconds or less.

In short, our goal is to ensure that your funding experience with Lawsuit Funding Group is a positive one.

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